The world needs to work subsea: for the sustainable development of energy, to advance understanding of our planet, to restore and monitor the oceans and for the responsible harvesting of their resources.

Let's Explore the Ocean

With sustainability and restoration at its heart, HonuWorx is a subsea robotics company poised to revolutionise the subsea robotics sector with its progressively autonomous subsea deployment solutions. Reducing costs and environmental impact, HonuWorx aims to open up the underwater world for those who seek to restore, explore and sustainably commercialise the ocean's resources. 


Our Motivation

Leveraging world-leading expertise in subsea engineering, robotics and autonomy, the company has created a new category of robotics delivery system which will service offshore energy, aquaculture and marine science while also creating new opportunities for deep sea mineral recovery and environmental restoration efforts.


By pioneering the innovative approach, HonuWorx seeks to remove the requirement for large vessels to deploy and operate the subsea robots by pioneering automated, unmanned delivery solutions to meet future needs and support evolving subsea robotic technologies.

What We Do

Image by Adolfo Félix

Our History

Honuworx is on a path to revolutionise the way the subsea industry operates, lowering negative impact and facilitating a more harmonious coexistence with other ocean residents. In recognition of those co-habitants and their vital role in the global ecosystem, HonuWorx took its name from the Hawaiian word 'Honu', meaning 'Green Sea Turtle'. Honu is a symbol of good luck, endurance and long life and the turtle's ability to live harmoniously between the land and sea, make it the perfect totem animal to represent the HonuWorx brand and values. “Worx” speaks to our approach to pioneering technology.

Get Involved

HonuWorx was founded to change the way subsea robotics is done. Autonomous subsea vessels are key to explore the vast amount of ocean that is not otherwise accessible and all for using the subsea resources responsibly. Our team of experts in subsea systems and autonomous robotics know that incremental improvements in technology are not good enough and that real change is needed to improve the ever-growing subsea industry.

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